Joel M. Weyand

Bio: I am currently the Vice President for Enrollment Services and Marketing at Doane College in Crete, Nebraska. I am responsible for developing and implementing plan to substantially increase undergraduate enrollment at the traditional Liberal Arts & Sciences campus while simultaneously increasing adult undergraduate enrollment on campuses in Lincoln, Grand Island, and soon Omaha. In addition, graduate student enrollment is expected to increase. The purpose of my online presence is to share the trials, tribulations, successes, and failures of our efforts to grow enrollment through internal admission operational changes but also, and possibly more importantly, the initiatives of a strategic communications approach to branding and marketing. Doane College is a complex institution with significant assets. Growth is not the initiative resulting from budget shortfalls and mismanagement, but rather the vision of administration acknowledging the potential and future prosperity resulting from greater resources afforded by stronger enrollment and the effect of those resources on the long-term viability of the institution in a very challenging higher education marketplace. I have 15 years of experience in higher education both from admissions and fundraising. Doane College is my second institution beginning in August of 2009. I spent my first eleven years at Morningside College in Sioux City, Iowa. I have enjoyed success in enrollment to the extent that both schools increased undergraduate enrollment under my watch. Nevertheless, to this point I have not achieved the enrollment success we are targeting at Doane College. This is not about growing 15% or even 25%. We plan to double in size within the next ten years! Simply streamlining admission operations and changing an aid policy will not likely achieve the results we are looking for. No, this effort will require complete institutional participation and open-mindedness. This effort will require grit, persistence, dedication, and an intense will to succeed. I am NOT the expert. Nope, I’m not that arrogant. Hopefully, however, I’ll be considered an expert at the time I retire. My approach is to share our progress including what worked and didn’t work…possibly why (if we can determine that). I plan to pose questions which I will seek answers to as I move forward. I welcome feedback, criticism, and participation. More about myself, the individual: I am a competitor who is fiercely goal-driven. I am intentional, patient, and disciplined. My demeanor is consistent with a slight lean toward enthusiasm. My energy is strong and consistent. I am healthy and well-maintained. I am balanced, understanding my priorities of faith, family, and my career. I seek control and while reluctantly relinquishing that control to God, I respects God’s plan. While conservative (financially and personally), I recognizes the importance of investment to gain short-term and long-term results. I appreciate risk while at the same time believing in all efforts to minimize risk. I seek to be a mentor, coach, and friend to those close to me. I am confident without arrogance. I enthusiastically embrace uncomfortable experiences.

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