Enrollment – What’s easier, growing 100% or doubling in size?

Confidence is an amazing personal trait.  With some people, confidence comes and goes.  However, consider the basketball player that doesn’t give a shot any hesitation even having missed the previous 10 shots.  The confidence that player has in his/her shooting ability never waivers – regardless of the competition.  They believe the next shot will go in.  They have unwavering confidence most likely based on achievements to that point.

I’m proud of my accomplishments professionally and feel that I’ve had enough success professionally that I should be pretty confident in my skill set and professional knowledge.  However, what we are attempting to accomplish at Doane College in Crete, Nebraska and what I have great responsibility for leading is something I have not accomplished nor do I know many who have.  We plan to double our traditional undergraduate enrollment within the next 10 years – yes, that’s 100% growth!  Admission directors and enrollment managers understand the gravity of this when put in the context of growing a first-year class from 300 annually to almost 600.  What you did yesterday won’t get the results you want tomorrow.  What’s even more obvious is that if it were that easy to grow a class 100%, it’s fair to say many schools would be doing so.

Safe to say there are many new initiatives at the college (not just in admissions) which will need to work in order for us to achieve our enrollment goals.  Nevertheless, my focus is on the actions we take specifically in the areas of enrollment management and marketing to achieve our goals.  I want to capture and share my experiences.  In that vein, I plan to blog at least two times each month.  I will share successes and failures possibly even frustrations.

While it’s true that I have confidence, I also have the anxiety of potential failure as a character trait.  This blog is not meant to be a road map or even a “look-at-me” experience.  I am not selling consulting and frankly I’m not looking for that either at the moment – I may need counseling or even consoling in the future.  I do know that the higher education landscape for enrollment managers is different from it was 10-15 years ago.  I’m anxious to share my experiences and hear about other’s experiences as well.  This is my journey.

My next blog will give a bit of a current situation update as a foundation from where we start.


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